Safe and secure contactless payment jewellery that works with your UK bank account

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Pingit Key Fob / Pendants

Vienna Fleur Contactless Payment Pendant


Introducing Pingit
Life’s money moments made easier

Quick, secure payments

The same fraud protection as your UK contactless bank card

Send & receive funds

Send and receive money to and from anyone using their UK mobile phone number

Organise money into jars

Manage your money into different jars, like or holidays, group collections orto pay flatmates


Raise money for special causes and some of your favourite charities

Get started with your new contactless jewellery by activating it using the two steps show below.

ping it step 1

Existing Pingit users - go to Step 2.

New Pingit users- Download Pingit from the app store. Click 'Join Pingit' and set up an account (you'll need your bank sort code, account number and debit card details).

ping it step 2

Click ‘Spend’ then ‘Add a device’ and insert the eight digit device ID provided. You’re now good to go.